Production/Tour Management

Production and Tour Management:

Good Production and Tour Management can mean the difference between losing your shirt or selling them!

From design to on the road management, we can bring you the people and skills you need to pull off any type of production.

Providing tour management for such organizations as Trinity Repertory Company (A Christmas Carol), Ballet Theater of Boston (Cinderella, The Nutcracker, Alice in Wonderland), Flamenco Dance Company (Boston and NYC) or running monitors or sound for such artists as Jefferson Starship, David Crosby and yes, even the young Britney Spears (back in the Disney days), along with many others; we can bring you professionals that can handle any situation as well guide you in what vendors or equipment to use.

We don’t profess to do everything, however, we know enough people in the industry that we are certain to get your questions answered.

Need a tour rider?

Need to design a set?

Need to find some good backline gear for rent?

Need a good tour caterer?

Need a trucking company?

Need a PE stamp on set or fabrication drawings?

Need a million bucks? (we can’t help with that one, but we can discuss a budget, grants, philanthropy or goals on how to get there).